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The Grille Foundation is proud to support the Diocese of Masasi, Tanzania with their innovative Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Initiative

The Masasi Double Drip Initiative represents a 5-year partnership between the Diocese of Masasi, World Vision and the Grille Foundation.  The initiative will deploy $10m over 5 years with the goal of providing 250,000 people with permanent access to clean and safe water.  It will do this in a way that will allow the Diocese of Masasi to recover its costs over ten years.  The Diocese will allocate much of its recovered costs towards its health and education services, thus providing donors with enhanced impact.

The Grille Foundation is excited to support Phase 1 of the Masasi Double Drip Initiative because of this extra impact that the innovative financing model can have:

  • providing much-needed access to in rural villages; and

  • recycling capital to support the Diocese’s activities in.

We are calling this double impact model, powered by water, The Masasi Double Drip.

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